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Using Drone Videography to Showcase your home in Bucks County

If you're like most home sellers, you want to get the best price that you possibly can for your home when putting it on the market. This may involve having work done on the home and of course, cleaning it up, staging it and making everything look just right for showing the home. When it comes to actually advertising your home, however, you will want the advantages provided by aerial drone videography to showcase your house on real estate listing websites. This new technological medium offers powerful benefits in presenting your home to the marketplace of buyers in a way that will put your listing above that of others.

The Major Benefits of Drone Videography in Selling Your Home

Everyone at least has photos of the interior of their home, and many Realtors even take extensive video of a home's interior on foot and then put it all together to create a virtual tour of the inside of the home for prospective buyers to watch online. A drone flying through a home, however, can provide continuous footage as it flies from one room to another that any individual on foot may have trouble getting in one take. A drone is also useful if your home has vaulted ceilings that can fully utilize a drone's ability to fly to create high-impact shots that someone on foot cannot replicate.

Take Unmatched Exterior Shots of Your House

Drones are remarkable in that they enable you to take aerial video that really shows off the exterior of your home. Prospective home buyers will be able to see every aspect of your home's exterior in a couple minutes in one video. You can use it to show off a pool, beautiful landscaping and any other features in a seamless shot around the property.

Show Your Home in Relation to Neighborhood Amenities

In addition to showing the total exterior of your home, a professional drone videographer can pull back for more distant shots that can enable you to show off any nearby park, community swimming pool or school. Being able to show the selling point of your home's location in one panoramic video is worth a thousand words of dry listings of amenities near a home in a traditional real estate listing.

Beat Your Competition

All of the aforementioned benefits add up to you being able to have a better looking and more informative listing for your home than that of many comparable homes on the market. Also, remember that drone technology has made aerial videography very cheap compared to the days of having to rent a helicopter for similar shots. Given this fact, there will no doubt be a few others who have aerial shots of their homes, so by using drones to sell your home, you may just be keeping up with some of your home selling competitors.

When it comes to competing home listings, there will also be many buyers in the market who will appreciate a seller who takes the time to put together a presentation of their home that lets them find out what they need to know about the property quickly and easily. Professional drone videography services can also add text and special effects to video that can add information about the home and nearby amenities throughout the presentation. All of this will increase your chances of getting the asking price that you're looking for.

If you're thinking of selling your Bucks County home, let Russell Volk guide you through the selling process and show off your home in the best possible light. Call Russell today at 267-566-0999 or click here to determine the value of your Bucks County house.