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Bucks County Real Estate Blog

Single family home in Bucks County PennsylvaniaBucks County, Pennsylvania is located in the southeastern part of the state, just north of Philadelphia. It is known for its charming small towns, beautiful countryside, and easy access to major cities. The real estate market in Bucks County has been steadily growing in recent years, with a variety of homes available for purchase.

Bucks County Real Estate Market Data from BrightMLS

The table below is based on data from BrightMLS and provides an overview of key metrics for the Bucks County real estate market in 2022 compared to 2021. The data includes information on median and average sales prices, the percentage of original price received, the number of homes for sale and closed sales, the months supply of homes, and the average property marketing

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Guidelines for scheduling a showing during a Covid-19 Pandemic.On May 19, Governor Tom Wolf issued an executive order allowing real estate to resume in Pennsylvania under certain guidelines. This is fantastic news because I’m finally able to help new clients and old friends reach their real estate goals in time for summer!

Must-Know Info About Current Market Trends

The Bucks County real estate market was hot before the pandemic struck, and real estate agents were anticipating an exceptionally active spring season. Now that real estate has been given the go-ahead in Pennsylvania, buyers and sellers are wondering if they should move forward.

The summer of 2020 has the potential to be a lucrative time for buyers and sellers. Based on national trends reported by CNBC, mortgage applications have been rising

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cost of living new jersey vs pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is home to nearly 13 million residents, making it the 5th most populous state in the U.S. PA offers a very high quality of life. With its diverse array of towns, cities, residents, architecture, cultural attractions, and entertainment, it’s no wonder that so many former New Jersey residents call the Keystone State home.

In 2018, New Jersey became the #1 state to move away from, according to data collected by United Van Lines (67% of moves were outbound versus 33 percent inbound). Why the mass exodus? New Jersey happens to have the highest property taxes in the United States. In the same study, far more younger people moved to Pennsylvania than moved out (41.03% vs. 29.22%). What makes PA such a great option? For

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Quiz - How Well Do You Know Bucks County

So you think you know Bucks County? Many Bucks County residents pride themselves on their knowledge of the area's rich history, as well as those lesser-known tidbits that are bound to strike up a conversation. Since William Penn founded Bucks County in 1682, a lot has happened here. In fact, you can't summarize the Revolutionary War without mentioning Bucks County. 

Needless to say, Bucks County is treasured by locals and tourists alike. The area is teeming with beautiful scenery, picturesque towns, historic homes, lush parks, award-winning schools, and world-class entertainment. It's also home to nationally loved attractions like Sesame Place, The Bucks County Playhouse, and Pennsbury Manor. And yet, there's always more to know and explore.


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Two young female students work on a project in classWhen it comes to finding the perfect place to live, schools are often a big factor, especially for young families. Considering a move to Bucks County? Before you decide on an area, it’s a good idea to learn more about the county’s many school districts and schools, even if you have no school-aged children. After all, good schools drive up housing demand, subsequently providing a better return on investment.

Moving from New Jersey or other neighboring states? Property tax savings aside, you will be astounded by the quality of the schools in Bucks County, PA. The county is home to some of the top schools in the state, including Central Bucks High School and Buckingham Elementary. You may even be a current Bucks County resident with aspirations to move to

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The New Hope-Lambertville Bridge

With its unmistakable charm, rich history, and storybook streets, Bucks County has no shortage of beautiful towns and bustling communities. Whether you’re looking to buy a home or simply have an itch to explore one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful counties, you’ll need to make a few hard decisions. After all, you can’t live everywhere and you can’t see it all. Well, you can certainly try. 

More than 625,000 people call Bucks County home. It's the 4th most populated county in all of Pennsylvania, according to the 2017 census. Bucks County has 32 boroughs, 31 townships, and 18 census-designated areas, as well as 5 communities that remain unincorporated. Since there are so many great places to live in Bucks County, it's hard to play favorites.

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The 25 Best Things to Do In Bucks County

Bucks County has been adored and enjoyed for generations. With its wooded, rolling hills, free-flowing rivers, Dutch stone farmhouses, sprawling fields, and picturesque towns, Bucks County offers residents and visitors with a mix of rural retreats and small-town charms. Everywhere you look, you will find history and beauty. You can bike along the old Delaware towpath in summer. Or admire castles and colorful fields as you drive down unpaved country lanes come fall. Whatever you do, you will never run out of things to do in Bucks County. 

Whether you’re looking to eat and drink your way through every town or, relive—and relish in—its rich history, we’ve got you covered like its bridges. Here’s a list of Bucks County’s 25 greatest hits, from a

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Children playing in the grass

If you know anything about Bucks County, PA, you've probably heard this place is positively packed with rich history, rolling hills, and abundant amenities. Seamlessly blending old and new eras of living, it's no wonder that Bucks County is one of the most sought-after places to live on the east coast.

Although the Bucks County area is well-suited to American history buffs, you may be surprised to learn it’s also an ideal spot to raise children, complete with top rated schools, endless entertainment, and outdoor adventures galore.

If you’re seeking a place to settle down and stay awhile, don’t miss this list of the best towns for families in Bucks County.

1. Doylestown

Doylestown is home to many children's attractions, including the

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A home with a for sale sign in the yard

There are many great reasons to sell your house, like following a new opportunity, upgrading to a better neighborhood, readjusting your assets, or responding to a change in lifestyle. But, if you have some time to plan ahead, or are looking for the highest return on your investment, then how would you decide on the best time to sell in Bucks County?

There many factors at play in the Bucks County real estate market right now, and a correct understanding of these will help you to sell at the right time to position yourself in the market for maximum returns.

With all that said, 2019 could be the year to get ahead by putting your home up for sale in Bucks County. Are you interested on getting the most for your time and effort? Then let's get

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Snow falling near a homeWinter is coming, and you're considering whether or not to sell your home in Bucks County. If you're experiencing some reservations, then you're not alone.

Many believe that the winter months are the worst for selling homes. But why?

Well, the reasoning is fairly simple: It's cold and wet and icy out, so people just aren't looking to move homes in the midst of all their other holiday business. And on top of that, the dreary weather means that any homes for sale won't look their absolute best.

That's the thinking anyway... but what's the reality?

Here are the facts: The real estate market does tend to dip around the festive season. There are less homes on the market, and less people looking to buy them. But if you dig a little deeper, these

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