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Professional Photography is a "Must" when Selling your house

Nowadays, most people begin their search for a new home online, and so the quality of photography can make or break a sale. After all, there will be no sale if a potential buyer isn't interested in even looking at the house! Beautiful photos can determine the listing price of a home, influence potential buyers' emotions, and determine how quickly a house sells. When trying to sell your house, it's essential to rely on the expertise of a professional. For potential home buyers, professional pictures allow them to see the house in a manner as close to real life as possible.

Professional Real Estate Photography in Bucks County

Benefits of working with a Professional Photographer

A professional photographer has the training and experience to know exactly how to photograph a space to show it off at its most appealing. Photography should not only show the space as it looks: It should also allow viewers (and potential buyers) to imagine themselves living in the space. A viewer's imagination is the initial spark that may lead to that initial contact, so make sure that your photography is up to the task!


Before the shoot, a photographer will scout the house. They'll seek out the best angles, get a feel for the lighting, and begin planning out the photographs that they will actually take during the shoot. The initial planning and scouting stage is absolutely essential, as it ensures the photographer knows what to expect. They'll then be able to do the actual shoot at the best time of day and capture your home in its best light.

Getting good angles is absolutely essential to showing off a home to its best effect. Interior spaces can be tight and walls can make it difficult to photograph entire rooms at once; it's much more limited than being able to stand in the room and look around. Professional photographers know how to work angles to their best effect, and have specialized equipment such as tripods and remote shutters that enable them to work around challenges and take better photographs.


Professional photographers edit photos in two ways. As it is most commonly understood, photographers alter their photos to do some minor color correcting, remove anything that is both unexpected and unsightly, and ensure that the image quality is balanced. But photographers also perform a second type of editing.

With most houses, more than 20 photos total (ten of the exterior and ten of the interior) is overkill. The viewer will get lost in the multitude of photos. A professional photographer will be able to accurately portray the house and sell it to the viewer by carefully selecting the photographs that best represent the house. Their professional eye gives them the insight into how to best display your house.

Professional photos tell buyers what to expect

As a buyer, homes where the seller took the time to have professional photos taken, tell you exactly what to expect with the house. A seller who has professional photographs taken, cares about representing their property in its best light. As a buyer, you'll be guided through images of the home by a professional hand, rather than trying to piece together the interior through sub par photos.

If you're thinking of selling your Bucks County home, let Russell Volk guide you through the selling process and show off your home in the best possible light. Call Russell today at 267-566-0999 or click here to determine the value of your Bucks County house.